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hinese President Xi Jinping talked over phone with Egypt★ian President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi, noting facts have sho★wn once again that mankind is a community that shares wea★l and woe. All countries must unite and work together to ★jointly cope with the COVID-19 epidemic. Xi said by upho★ldingthF


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a shared future 4



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y,China will work with other countries to step up in★ternational cooperation in epidemic prevention and contro★l, jointly address common threats and challenges, and saf★eguard global public health security. Noting tF

hat Egypt ★is also facing the urgent task of battling the epidemic, ★Xi said China is willing to share with EgyQ

pt the epidemic★-related information, experience on prevention and treatm★ent, and medical research results, R

ry out sincw


and provide it with me★dical supplies to support its prevention and control effo★rts to jointly beat8

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ent. Xi urged closZ

nations ★to push forward cooperation within the frameworks of the ★UN and G20, enhance2

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on epidemic prevenY

the exchange and sharing of informati★on and experience, boost collaboration in scientic

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fic rese★arch, support the WHO in playing its due role, improve gl★obal health governan0

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    pointe /point/

    ce, increase macro-economic policy co★ou

  • image02 in fro★ntiex

    port de bras /?p?r d? ?br?/

    rdination so as to stabilize the market, maintain econom★ic growth, safeguardk

    r health9
  • image03 and qZ

    pli·é /plē?ā/

    people's well-being, and keep the gl★obal supply chains open, stable aD

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    a·da·gio /??d?jō/

    nd safe. -- Xinhua New★s Agency reported that Li KL

    ction, sC
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    eqiang presided over a meeting★ of the leading group of the CPC Central Committee on the

    he work G
  • image06 ★of the q

    glis·sade /gli?s?d/

    ?COVID-19 epidemic response, making arrangements to preve★nt imported infections and COVID-19 rebound at home accoS

    WHO, join
  • image07 ntly h1

    je·té /zh?-?tā/

    r★ding to changes in the epidemic situation, actively advan★ce ts

    elp Afri7
  • image08 can couY

    pi·qué /pē?kā/

    he resumption of work and production in order while k★eep prevention and control effective. -- Under the join★t pG

    ntries e8
  • image09 nhance 8

    pi·qué /pē?kā/

    revention and control mechanism of the State Council,a★ press conference was held in Beijing, announcingHubei Pr★ov1

  • image10 ic prevU

    pi·qué /pē?kā/

    ince and Wuhan City had reported zero new confirmed and★ suspected case for five straight days,with the number of★ S

    ention aL
  • image11 nd cont0

    pi·qué /pē?kā/

    existing confirmed cases declining continuously. A healt★h official told the press conference that zero report of ★G

    rol, and1
  • image12 strive3

    pi·qué /pē?kā/

    new cases does not mean there is no risk, thus it's still★ arduous to prevent and control the epidemic. --The State

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Office held a press conference in Hu★bei, introducing the importance andeffectiveness oftradit★iona5

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l Chinese medicine (TCM) intreatingCOVID-19.Zhang Bol★i, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Eng1

ineeringno★tedthat TCMhadremarkably reducedthe proportioC

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